Friday Five: Christmas Soon!

(Weekly feature on revgalblogpals…

The assignment for this week is five things about the Christmas season, whether they be memories, plans, wishes, whatever.

1. We don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to drive to my family’s Christmas celebration this year. Usually we do that because it’s a seven-hour drive and we want to be there in time for dinner, which is served midafternoon. This year Christmas dinner won’t be till Saturday, so we can take our time. We’ll still go on Christmas Day, though, to get ahead of some potential bad weather.

2. A worry I have right now is whether we’ll both be able to go, or if Mike will have to stay home to supervise the work that is ongoing in our kitchen. Quite honestly, given his current issues with insomnia, it might be better for all concerned if he stays home. So I don’t know. I hate to leave him alone on Christmas, but I’m not sure he’s as bothered by it as I would be.

3. A “White Christmas” is a darned nuisance.

4. A few days ago my aunt Sue sent out an e-mail to all of us about the Christmas dinner plans. The last sentence of the message was directed just to my parents, about the trash they’d be bringing over to put in her dumpster for pickup the next day (she lives alone and never fills it; they live outside the city limits and don’t have garbage service). In replies everybody got to talking about their trash and when they thought they might bring it up. I missed it entirely. Sailed right over my head.

5. I’m grateful for talented and creative church folks who are putting together a special service for the Sunday after Christmas so I can take a vacation.


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