Friday Five: Besides

Weekly challenge from RevGalBlogPals…

1. Besides cookies, muffins, and ice cream, what’s something chocolate chips are good in?

I often use them to make ganache, to frost cakes and for truffles. I also sometimes make s’mores with them in the microwave, when it’s not campfire season.  Actually, sometimes when I just need chocolate and there’s nothing else in the house, a few chocolate chips in a dish will satisfy the craving.

2. Besides official holidays and your birthday, what’s the best day of the year?

I’d say either St. Brigid’s Day (first of February) or the day a couple weeks after that when pitchers and catchers report for spring training. Both those things mean spring is coming, welcome harbingers after a brutal Iowa winter.

3. Besides toilet paper and pantry items, what’s something in your house you make sure never to run out of?

Cat litter.

4. Besides relatives, teachers, and coaches, who gave you the most memorable advice growing up?

I don’t know if it was exactly “advice,” but I remember once when I was in high school calling my pastor up one afternoon to get his opinion for a paper I was writing for my English class. The paper was on a controversial issue and I had chosen capital punishment. So I called the pastor up, and he was in the middle of something and I left a message with the secretary. Then he called me back in maybe five or ten minutes, and took the time to answer my questions and tell me what he thought. He was a busy man and yet he took the time for a fifteen-year-old; and that stuck with me.

5. Besides junk mail, subscriptions, greeting cards, and stuff you ordered online, what’s something great that came in the mail recently?

I have been getting bills from various folks who’ve worked on my kitchen remodel–plumbers, electricians, and so on–which is “great” because it means the kitchen is FINALLY done!


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